Photo booth in Dubai

What is a Photo booth?

Let’s refer to the history. In 1889 a French inventor T.E. Enjalbert created and licensed an automatic photographic machine. It was presented at the World Exhibition in Paris.

In 1924 on Broadway in New York City there was placed and set the first photo booth, designed by Anatol Marco Josepho. The photo booths were so popular that in several years the company, which was setting them, was sold for more than a million dollars!

The booth mechanism of those times was bulky enough. Two compartments with a client in the first and with a currency detector, a camera, illuminating flash equipment and a photo handler in the second. It took about 5 minutes to handle the photo. For developing a photo the booth needed to be connected with water-supply and sewerage.

Let’s go back to the times we live in. A modern photo booth consists of a digital camera, a computer with a control display and a color photoprinter. Due to modern technologies, it is possible to choose a photo demy, components, effects of a snapshot. Photo booths are popular enough at many different events.

In the United Arab Emirates photo booths appeared rather recently. However, they gained high popularity very rapidly. It won’t be a problem for you to order the equipment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or in other places in the UAE.

Photo boothPhoto boothPhoto boothPhoto booth

Photo booth props

First of all, photos made in photo booths must leave a lasting positive impression! For this reason you need various props that will make a photo richer and more vivid. FatCat has a wide range of accessories which will suit any event, whether it will be a wedding, a birthday or just a friends meeting.

Suffice to tell us the party theme and we will come to you with a fat case of various glasses, tags, moustaches, hats, toys and many other accessories for photo shooting.

FatCat is a great choice. Placing an order of a photo booth in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other regions of the UAE in our company, you get a huge kit of different props in addition!

Photo booth propsPhoto booth propsPhoto booth propsPhoto booth propsPhoto booth props

Which occasions will a photo booth be more than appropriate at?

In fact, at any occasions. But let’s spot each of them in detail:


Wedding is a rather outstanding event. We want it to be remembered for a long time as for the “heroes” of the occasion, as for all the guests. Nothing can reproduce emotions better than a high quality photo. Order a photo booth for a wedding in the UAE and save the holiday recollections for a long time!

Office party

The main thing in any team is its unity. For making the “chain” real with solid links it is needed to make them closer. Having set a photo booth at the office party you will get plenty of photos of a merry stuff and various props will help you to enjoy the party to the full! A photo booth in Dubai for an office party is only at CatFat.


The main problem of many birthdays is their monotony. A man bores with this occasion from year to year. That is why it is necessary to diversify it. Rent a photo booth for a birthday EVERY year and in some years you will be able to create an amusing photo album, where one can watch what was changing in the course of time. A photo booth for birthdays in Abu Dhabi is what you need!


As a rule, class-books are albums with official photos. Everybody is in a great outfit with a smile on a face. But on such photos all students are similar and standard. In some years you will not remember what everybody was like. To exclude this, order a photo booth for a prom in the UAE. Of course, at first everyone is shy to have a photo. But in half an hour there will already be 2-3 people, who had risked to have a funny picture and soon you will see a long line of people. All smiling, laughing and grimacing. This occasion will remain in their memories and on the photos you will see a vivid individuality of each person!

Conference or promotional campaign

Apart from entertainment, a photo booth can stand in good stead during working time. You can always add different logos of the company or products on the photos and you will see your ad at all events. And if the photo has a high quality (needed to say that FatCat doesn’t make bad ones) – this picture will be saved for a long time. Business partners meeting? As a rule, a little tense and officiality appears among people. And now imagine that you have made a photo. May be even with props. And how can relationships stay cool with a person you have smiled with into the same object-glass? During a promotional campaign it is very efficient to offer a photo with the product, instead of a boring booklet. And all the ad information will be placed below. Excellent decision, isn’t it? Order a photo booth for business meetings, conferences and promotional campaigns in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and any other places in the UAE.

Let’s sum up!

So, what do you get after ordering a photo booth in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or somewhere else in the United Arab Emirates?

  • An instant print of photos. 5 seconds – and a photo is ready!
  • A unique atmosphere. There is no photographer, who rules how to pose. Due to the curtains you may not be shy of somebody and may be yourself!
  • Sham props. Not just “a lot”, but plenty of various accessories which let you make an amusing and memorable photo!
  • Extra information on each photo. It can be an ad, initials, date of the event. Everything what your imagination can have!
  • An easy interface. Press on the display – get the photo. It is as easy as a pie.
  • A photo for everyone! The number of photos is unlimited!
  • Universality. A photo booth will be suitable for any occasion!

We are waiting for only you, as our client! With a smile and a warm heart,