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Cool Booth is a very different photo booth experience. Fun is contagious and we believe that hiding it away in a box is crazy, so our cool booth fun is exposed for everybody to see. If you want fun, spontaneous and hilarious photos of all your friends that will be a talking point long after your event is over? Then you need our Cool Booth at your event! Think outside the box! We are waiting for only you, as our client! With a smile and a warm heart, Cool Booth team.


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Photo Booth Dubai

The idea of photo booths is not the new one. Just remember a photo for documents. Present-day photo booths greatly differ in ideas and composition. First, a modern photo booth is not just a cabin, as it used to be. At the same time even ten people can have a photo in it. Second, you get the pictures of a high quality practicsally at once. Third, there is a preview before the printing – if you suppose that the shot is not a success you can make some others.

Photo booths are rapidly gaining popularity at present. The thing is that many companies, which have presentations of certain goods or services, wish those occasions to be bright and memorable. A great number of ideas are used as well as photo booths.

Photo booths can be placed at any celebration of any company. In addition to a photo booth there will also be different props. It is also important that you can choose a background of a photo. A booth’s mobility allows to move it very fast in one room. A photo booth at the celebration – is a great chance to entertain your guests and give a long-lasting impression.

Many companies have already tried a photo booth in action, setting it at various presentations, conferences and symposiums. The result is just amazing. It goes without saying that at first people are a little confused when they see a photo booth, but then there appear more and more people wishing to make a memorable photo.

We all remember that advertisement is the engine of Commerce. A photo booth is a magnificent way to attract more customers into the company, to tell about their services and show off a new brand. According your wish you can get a unique design of a photo booth. And the integration over social nets will help you to make your brand more recognizable. There is also an opportunity to place a company’s logo in the photo (for instance, under the shot).

It should be said that literally on the next day everybody will get the chance to download them from the server. And then you will be able to make a total photo report of the occasion and the instant photos can be put on the desks in frames, for example.

There are also, so called, photo posts. They are less mobile, than photo boots and need less space. But that does not mean that the photo qualities will be worse and the function will differ. A photo booth and a photo post differ in the fact that a photo booth is harder to transport and a photo post has no constant background. But a photo post lets us make a photo of more people and choose the angle by themselves.

It is up to you – whether to choose a photo booth or a photo post. Anyway, you will be satisfied with the result as well as your guests who will get a huge number of positive emotions and highly-qualified photos.

What is a photo booth? Perhaps you’ve seen such facilities in the movies – a person enters a booth to make an instant photo. It may be a photo for some documents or just a wish to capture certain moments. A modern photo booth is something different – you can simply make an instant photo with friends or just have pictures at some events.

A booth location at different celebrations will make them much brighter and more creative. You must admit that you can see a photo booth not at every event! But if you see such construction, you will be surprised for sure! But some people will even pass it by! But that will be just at first.

If anybody just tries to make a photo by himself, the long line will appear wishing to make an original selfie!

Modern photo booths are not ordinary cabins – they include creative designs and a chance to change backgrounds. By the way, you can choose a background by yourself!

A photo booth is an excellent way to make a wedding bright and memorable. The guests at the celebration can make photos practically without limits. And children, who usually feel bored at such occasions, can really show off. A photo booth is a fantastic way to capture such moments at the celebration and have a group photo.

A modern photo booth is not a small cabin – it is an opportunity to have a photo of quite large groups of people at the same time. The main advantage of a photo booth is making instant photos. That is why you can easily put a photo booth at your celebration.

You might ask – why not hiring a usual photographer? First, you don’t have to be arranged and freeze in one pose while a photographer catches a necessary angle.

Second, you do not have to wait or hasten a photographer – a photo booth allows you to make a photo at any time.

Third, you get the photos practically at once, that lets you share them with your friends in social nets or send by mail.

Present-day technologies, which are applied in a photo-booth, provide the photos with a high quality. And making a photo is so easy that even a child could do it!

Last but not least is the fact that in a modern photo booth there is a screen of a preview and if you suppose that the shot is not a success, you might have some more of them. It will take less than a minute to make a photo. Isn’t it great to become a holder of a freshly-made photo in such a short space of time?

Let’s sum it up! A photo booth is an awesome and creative way to entertain your guests and capture the brightest moments at your celebration. Besides, everybody will get lots of positive emotions and practically instant photos which could be gathered into a collage or put in frames.

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